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Стол для кайропрактики Lojer 250 All-In-One Chirotable

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  • Lojer 250 All-In-One Chirotable is designed to accommodate the versatile techniques that you as a chiropractor are using in every day practice. For drop work there are six drops to use; two cervical drops, two thoracic drops in a split thoracic section, a lumbar drop, and a pelvic drop. The drops are free falling ones, crisp feeling and easy to adjust; each drop tension can be adjusted for precise control and there is an tension knob on both sides of the Lojer 250 All-In-One Chirotable. The drops can also be activated while the patient being on the table at any position. Lojer 250 All-In-One Chirotable is a variable height table along with the Hy-Lo function. It has compact and very sturdy epoxy coated steel frame that enables the chiropractor to use most of the commonly used techniques. Good ergonomically features including well designed and well padded table top with softly rounded sides. See training video on the bottom of the page. Lojer 250 Basic Chirotable Lojer 250 Basic Chirotable is an affordable table with available options. It is the only table in the market, where you can later on in your own clinic build the table with the options available into the table you desire. Basic models include the following features: - electric elevation 52-87 cm, round switch bar controlled - two foam densities in the thoracic section for greater patient comfort - pelvic drop - height and length variable ankle rest - width-adjustable face cushion - gas spring assisted head piece tilting and elevation with the help of an electric motor - height-adjustable arm rests - paper roll holder and cutter - high quality upholstery without any distracting seams

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картинка Стол для кайропрактики Lojer 250 All-In-One Chirotable
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